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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forget about the bulldozer for my birthday!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Please Excuse the Spelling...

We were studying Habakuk in Sunday School yesterday morning and got to one point about living by faith and not necessarily by the possessions that we own. I have a tendency to zone out (or fall asleep as Terri aptly puts it) throughout a good bit of church and Sunday School. But I was struck by this part and began contemplating what our teacher was saying while starring out the window at the cold bleak rain. I was thinking about Mother Teresa and her faith, how little she "owned" and the misery she has seen and I am sure how many times she felt insufficient in her own strength to deal with it all. Then it hit me how just the act of breathing and seeing nature and the basics of life are all a gift and everything else is all an added bonus. One could be satisfied with the minimum; in bleak boring times or even trying times with a faith and knowledge that Life is truly a gift from God and we should be eternally grateful to partake in even the smallest of life's sensations and pleasures. I guess part of this is that my aunt is struggling daily just to breathe and get around. I'm sure that she would love to just have the opportunity to breathe normally. I'm truly looking forward to retiring and leaving the "useless" paperwork behind, but I must remain vigilant that I am still blessed and that the "suffering" I go through palls in comparison in how greatly blessed I am. I will be thinking about this more as the time goes by.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Excitement last weekend..

Went to Beulah Beach up by Lake Erie for the weekend with our friends and saw these while on the trip, just behind the camp property!
I also got to see another bald eagle briefly sitting in a field on my way to work on Friday. Unfortunately, my camera phone doesn't have a zoom on it.